Fidel Reijerse

Co-Founder and President
RESCo Energy Inc.

Fidel Reijerse is a founder and the President of RESCo Energy Inc.  RESCo Energy has been an EPCM (engineering, procurement, construction & maintenance) company focused on the delivery and maintenance of commercial rooftop solar projects for building owners and solar developers since 2006.

In 2010 Flynn Canada made a strategic investment in RESCo providing the ability to encapsulate construction and long-term roof risk.  With a surety facility of $50M per project up to an aggregate of $750M, RESCo can provide assurance that our services are deeply bankable.  RESCo’s Service Division manages 200 sites totalling 60MW of rooftop solar on behalf of its asset owners.  In this role, RESCo’s services are assignable to the debt lenders and RESCo acts as the standby Step-In Operator.  With an intimate view of assets throughout their life cycle, RESCo provides clients with a larger context for their asset’s operations.