Antonio Antonopoulos

Isla Power

Antonio is an experienced sustainable energy project developer and consultant, with over a decade of international involvement in the field. He is skilled in energy project development, finance, planning, policy, engineering and management, with advanced technical knowledge across solar PV, solar thermal, wind and biomass.  
In 2015 he co-founded Isla Power, which develops both grid-connected and grid-independent renewable energy systems for private business and grid-operators, including large-scale solar PV, hybrid energy systems, energy storage, and mini-grids. Isla Power focuses on markets where renewable energy and efficiency are cost competitive versus the status quo, with a current strong presence in Argentina, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
Before Isla Power, Antonio worked for almost 5 years as VP Technology at CarbonFree Technology in Toronto, where he participated in the development, finance, construction and overall execution of solar PV projects in Ontario and the United States. This ranged from small-scale rooftop PV systems under the Ontario Feed-in Tariff program, to the largest solar power system in Canada of 130MWp. He has also consulted for the Inter-American Development Bank in the Caribbean, as well as worked on a number sustainable energy projects for the European Commission across Europe and the Middle East. As part of the Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Master Plan, he developed the energy supply strategy for Masdar City, to be the world's first large city powered 100% by renewable energy with close to zero waste. 
Antonio studied the European Master of Science in Renewable Energy from the EUREC Agency in Brussels, and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He speaks English, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, along with some French.