Allan Kates

Sunny Day Energy Inc., BA's Management Inc.

Allan Kates currently manages a portfolio of industrial real estate properties, invests in real estate ventures, and operates a group of solar projects for a family run organization.  After the Ontario Feed-In Tariff program was launched, he developed 12 roof-top solar projects for the industrial real estate holdings held by his organization in addition to consulting for a few separate projects owned by outside parties.  During the development of the solar projects, Allan was deeply involved in the process from beginning to end, including:  the detailed planning and design of the solar arrays; researching and procuring the main components of the systems (panels, racking, inverters); arranging non-recourse financing for the solar projects; developing the contracts for the construction and operation of the solar projects; creating the leases between the landlords and solar tenants; and, establishing an asset management/maintenance plan and corresponding contract.  Allan practised law in Vancouver, BC, before moving to Ontario in 2001.