Event summary

In 2009, the Green Energy and Green Economy Act jump started the solar industry in Ontario with attractive government subsidies and programs that resulted in the solar installation boom of 2009 and 2010.  However, with the popular FIT program now ended, the Canadian market stands at a crossroads. The end of the FIT program in Ontario has stalled new project propositions and has left considerable gap in solar financing and has made project bankability farther from reach. Meanwhile, Alberta is being heralded as the new solar frontier in Canada, but will the upcoming elections help or hinder solar subsidies?

While some say that the future of solar depends on alternative subsidies such as BC Hydro’s net metering program, other’s are less optimistic- citing the growth of other competing renewables like wind, biomass, and hydro. Whatever your outlook, one thing is clear: future solar growth in Canada will continue to depend on government support.

Our summit aims to discuss this dependence, highlighting new programs and trying to map out the future of solar installations from Ontario to the western coast of Canada.

While the subsidized future of Canadian installations is still up for debate, the growing demand for small to medium sized rooftop installations cannot be denied. While other more established solar industries in Europe focus on utility scale solar, Canada’s market has proven to be more demanding, splitting the demand for solar evenly between utility scale and rooftop installations. Consumers of all sizes, from homeowners and community organizations to established companies and building owners, see the growing benefit of rooftops solar and energy efficiency. Our program promises to explore this dichotomy, presenting the opportunities, challenges, and benefits of investing in both types of solar energy production.

Exclusive Audience:

Designed specifically to encourage development in not one province, but Canada as a whole, our programme will present the most effective financial and legal strategies to make solar projects of all sizes not only financially feasible, but profitable- with the participation of banks, investors, asset owners, and local government representatives.

Exclusive Content:

Learn from local government official on the subsidies and tax breaks still in place by province
Hear from asset owners and investors on the best way to structure solar investment.
Network with companies in all aspects of the industry- from EPCs and developers to legal consultants, manufacturers, equity providers, and banks.  
Join interactive round tables, panels, and discussions with like minded peers and competitors and get updated on the latest industry trends, news, and challenges.


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